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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiness is Sometimes the Last Stitch.

I have not been idle since my last post.  I have been working on quilting and binding this scrap quilt.  The top was completed last autumn.  Shame on me for not finishing it sooner, but, for me, that's the hardest part, so I put it off.  What made this one a bigger challenge is its' size, 91" X 76".  Big, unwieldy and difficult to maneuver on my regular size sewing machine.  I think once a quilt has its binding on, it takes on a whole new personality  One reason I believe every quilt top, even those you may think are the ugliest, should be finished.  They just look different.

I have the Christmas Wreath quilt waiting for it's backing, quilting and binding, so I may disappear under a pile of batting again.  If I begin to work on it now it may be done for this year's holidays:)

I've also made nine blocks for Quilts of Valor.  I cut another today and hope to sew it tonight. 

I received the prize from SewCalGal for the Awards' giveaway, and she was very generous to include some extras.
I think I can use the printing fabric to make the label for the scrap quilt I finished today, so that would be neat.  How nice to receive something new to try.  And I love, love my new small bag.  Thank you, Darlene.

That's it.  Life is good. 
God Bless You.


QuiltSue said...

I'd love to see a full picture of the quilt sometime if that's possible?

Thanks for the photos of the flowers too - they are beautiful.

Hazel said...

Goodness me, Joanna, you have been busy!

I do like your big scrappy quilt - you've done a sort of zigzag stitch to quilt around the squares, I think. I'm curious to see the whole quilt - would you post a pic? I wouldn't have thought to put greens and pinks together, but they look super!

Your Quilts of Valour prints tickled me, as I'd be surprised if us Brits can rustle up so many different patriotic fabrics (although my more experienced quilting countrymen may prove me wrong!) - the blocks are lovely, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this one progresses.

And what a lovely package from SewCalGirl!

Moxie's looking very fine there on the porch - I know that you've had plenty of wet weather recently, I hope that the sun comes out for you soon too!


Stray Stitches said...

From what I can see of your scrap quilt, it looks beautiful! I hope you will be sharing a picture of the entire quilt once you get that last stitch in.
The QOV blocks are wonderful :)
Thanks for sharing the photos of the pretty flowers and Moxie! Your columbine are amazing!!

Hazel said...

Aha - I didn't know that those wonderful layered flowers were columbine - although the white iris did catch my eye.

Good that blogger comments how behaving itself - my comment above looks very bare without my Domino cat looking out at everyone!