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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Christmas QAL - Two

There are three borders on the Erik Homemade Ezine quilt, and the second one is a stripped border.  I sewed that on way back in February or March.  Under the category "Learning the Hard Way" I file this lesson:  Stripped borders, because their ends are not back stitched, unsew with handling.  And I have been handling this quilt top often, but I didn't realize until today what the border was doing.    I ended up doing a straight stitch all around the perimeter and sewing on the last border at a bit over 3/8 inches.   

Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas on how to liven up the center of this quilt top.  I thought putting a star in the center would be nice, but am not very happy with the one I made.  I was thinking it would be neat with rays of gold coming from it.  But even with this gold print fabric it's blah.  Now I'm thinking that maybe I could just quilt a design later.  I just don't know, so again, this gets put aside.

I made this month's stars for the Scatty Stars Quilt.  Notice anything?
When I made the second version I didn't look at the project sheet, just cut and sewed.  So, bottom star on the right is going in the wrong direction:)

God Bless You. 


Hazel said...

It's not going in the wrong direction, it's going in the other direction, as the second one of mine is. :)

I'm trying to make each of the two blocks each month a little different, and as I'm only working with the same 3 fabrics, I'm ringing the changes by swapping things round just a little with each one.

Yours look lovely - good to see it coming together now we've done more that half of the blocks, isn't it?

QuiltSue said...

I think a quilted design in maybe red or gold thread would look good? As for your Scatty Star blocks, they look great, and no, I didn't notice anything until you pointed it out!

Trudi said...

Wow, you've achieved a lot today! I love your blocks they are really looking lovely, especially when they are going 'the other way' hehe!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Funny about your Scatty Stars, I actually considered doing mine that way on purpose!