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Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Christimas QAL Post 2

Have you seen the beautiful versions of the Scatty Stars Quilt?  My goodness, each one is gorgeous.  Go to Shakerwood Quilts http://www.shakerwoodquilts.blogspot.com , click on the QAL tab and then check out the blogs who signed up for today.  I think you will like what you see.

Alas, although I have had my head down and my fingers busy all day, I did not get to work on my stars.  Hand sewing, doing some FMQ and then attaching the binding to my Wreath Quilt took up my time today.  My back hurts and I'm ready for glass of Merlot, but I have achieved much.
The stars I have are attached and the binding is sewn on but not finished to the backing.  I'll enjoy doing that later.  I do want to crochet a few more stars but they can be attached even if the quilt is finished.  I do love the look of lace on the fabric.  Yes, there are thread to sew in and the quilting isn't perfect, but this looks good to me. 
I'm going to see what I missed by my sewing diligence.  Thank you to Cathi for hosting today.  I always accomplish so much on these days.

God Bless. 


Shakerwood said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself today. You've finished a lot even if it wasn't the Scatty Stars quilt.

BYW, my link doesn't work. You need to add the "blogspot" before the .com

QuiltSue said...

This looks wonderful. The addition of your snowflakes was really inspired.

Sand and Sunshine said...

This wreath is a neat idea, the crochet adds a nice depth.