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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Cozy Teapot

Why do some teapots and coffeepots evoke a happy feeling by just looking at them?  I don't know, but they have that effect on me.  I also love stitch patterns of them and of teacups, and I love to drink tea.      The problem with teapots is that they don't keep the tea hot without a cover.  While I was working on my tumbler quilt yesterday I got the idea of using the tumbler pattern to make a tea cozy.  I think it came out pretty cute.

It's lined and has batting so it works well, and the fabric makes me smile.

Hurricane Irene has already had her effect on the east coast.  When I went grocery shopping today, the store was busier than usual, and the line at the gas pumps caused me to drive away without getting any.  Be prepared.  Even though my area isn't supposed to be hit badly, it still means bringing in anything that could be blown about, and then next week bringing it all back out.  Thanks alot, Irene.

God Bless.


Татьяна said...

Привет.Какая симпатичная грелка на чайник.

Stray Stitches said...

Looks like your teapot will stay warm for a very long time :)

I hope your hurricane namesake stays far away and doesn't cause you any damage.

Cute pictures of the kitty!!

Barb said...

Your tea cozie s just wonderful, I love anything with a lid. Yep...we are going to batten down the hatches too.

Hazel said...

I always make tea in the pot (not in the cup), but I think that this is happening less & less, even here in the UK. :-(

I stayed with my sister in a hotel last year & the hospitality tray included cups, biscuits, milk, tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar.... but no teapot. Very poor, I thought.

I love your cosy - what fabulous fabric! Do you just make up these patterns as you go? You're very talented!

Were you affected by the earthquake the other day? I follow the blog of a gardener (and that of her cat Estorbo!) in Brooklyn and it quite unnerved her. We may get variable weather here in the UK, but rarely the extremes that other parts of the world can suffer. Keep safe - batten down the hatches!

Moxie's looking cute on the bench - she is showing off, I think! Such intense amber eyes!

QuiltSue said...

What a cute tea cozy. I don't drink tea, but DH does and he always makes his straight in the cup, althoguh his mother must be turning in her grave!

I hope the hurricane passed you by with out leaving a trail of destruction?