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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Playing

I tested my idea of doily applique to my quilt top and think it looks pretty nice.
I blocked most of the stars and a few are still drying, then I'll sew them on.  I don't know how far I should go with this.  If I want to bring the lacy look to the cream border, I'll have to make more stars.  Did I say this would be finished by end of August?  Good luck to me:)

This is what I've been sewing today, so far.  My mother worked in mills and brought home buttons and ribbons and lace, and so her great-granddaughters will have doll clothes trimmed with some of that lace.  Remember,  we don't throw anything away here:)

This little bud makes me happy because it means that autumn is on its way.

God Bless.  Hope all is well.


Stray Stitches said...

Your quilt is becoming even more beautiful - if that is even possible :)
I sure wish autumn were on its way here. We won't see it until some time in October.
Your flower photos are very pretty.

Hazel said...

Hmm hmm - I've been thinking about extending your crochet snowflakes to the cream border around the green of the wreath (the ones placed in the middle look brill, btw) and I think that you could do with something to balance those in the middle.

BUT have you tried playing with the snowflakes that you have - a couple of large in the middle and maybe 3 small, and moving a couple of large on the cream outside the wreath?

I'm wondering if those that you have PLUS more for the outside would be overwhelming? Not sure.

Before you decide on that, maybe you could place the 'berry' buttons (if you've still decided to use those) too to see where the balance lies - I'd be concerned that you might overwhelm the wreath itself with too much embellishment.

Mind you, I'm not good at visuallising unless it is actually in front of me - and your initial thoughts are generally the best, so do what looks best to you!

Sonia said...

I think the doilies are a nice touch. :)

pretty flowers too. :)

QuiltSue said...

That's such a clever idea with the snowflakes. This is going to be a great quilt.

Soggibottom said...

What a great idea, I never throw much out here either. Who can afford to now :-)
Beautiful flowers with autumn colours, don't you just love them :-) x x x