"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I had to remake the Long Nine Patch block for the Treasure Chest Quilt because the size was off by an inch and one/half. I had posted a comment on the QIAD facebook page to see if anyone else had difficulty with the block directions, and learned a few things in the answers I received. And I confess (but only here on my little blog) that I went from thinking I was a fairly good quilter in the intermediate stage to a downright amateur because I misinterpreted "finished size"  when squaring up.  I'm over it though.  I spent yesterday making blocks for the Quilt of Valor I'm putting together and my confidence is back. 

What did I learn from this experience?  First, there are some very helpful and kind people in the quilting community who can zero in on a problem and help make it right.  This is one reason I would like to join a guild or find a class to join. 

Second, specialty rulers are a pain the dupa!  When directions call for a certain brand of ruler that is for a particular configuration, I have to figure out how to comply with the directions without the ruler since I don't have that many.  Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong, like this time.
My QAL and blogging friends Hazel and Lesley brought up the ruler issue recently and it's no doubt that certain of the rulers make quilting easier, especially when it comes to squaring up a patch or a block.  http://hazelsquilts.blogspot.com/2012/05/perseverance-good-news.html
But even though I am physically a 21st century person, my quilting mind goes back to women who made quilts, that now hang in museums, using feedsack cloth and I suppose simple templates.  I have more tools in my sewing room than those women probably ever saw and yet I don't always have what I need. 

I apologize for the venting.  As I said I did learn a few things and that's why I like to join qals.  Fortunately for me learning is enjoyable.  Good thing because I'm always doing it the hard way;-)

Hope your quilting and crafting is going smoothly.  If not, I hope you are enjoying it anyway.
God Bless. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long 9 Patch and May FMQ

Block 8 of the Treasure Chest Quilt I am making along with other followers of Eleanor Burns on facebook is the Long 9 Patch block.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/quiltinaday/app_154809041280482 

The FMQ Challenge for May was taught by Leah Day.  We did stippling with lines through it. 

My check list is complete for this month. 
God Bless.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Nice Win

You may remember this quilt.  I made it during a mystery quilt along at Erik Homemade Coffee Break ezine http://erikhomemade.typepad.com/erik_homemade/ .  This is one of my favorite quilts. 

Recently I learned that I won in a giveaway that Erik held for anyone who participated in that quilt along. How nice is that? What I won is perhaps the most elegant tool I now have in my sewing room. It's a Gingher Seam Ripper.

For a mistake prone person like me it's the perfect gift:)
I'm sure it will come in handy. 
Thank you, Erik Homemade.

I noticed that the Erik Homemade website will be having a block of the month qal beginning next month, so that might go on my to-do list. 

Hope you are all well.
God Bless.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Christmas QAL - 3

When I saw the angel block Sharon gave to us as a bonus, I had to try it right away.  We all love it, so thanks again, Sharon.

God Bless.

May Christmas QAL 2

 From this
 to this
to this.

All done for this month.  And I got my plants into the ground, so now on to ironing and maybe working on the FMQ challenge. 

Enjoy your weekend.
God Bless.

May Christmas QAL - 1

My ABC's are waiting for the next part, so I'm signing in at Sharon's  lovely place http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.co.uk/ and will get working.  We have a lovely day here so I'll be running out to get some canterbury bells and sunflowers into the ground, but not before I work on Festive Mystery.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tomorrow is Christimas QAL Saturday

Tomorrow we are gathering at Sharon's blog http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.co.uk/   for the May Christmas Quilt Along.  We will work on the 4th installment of the Festive Mystery Quilt, and I think we will be seeing some real progress with all of our pieces.  Can't wait.  I'm not sure what May for Me is all about but I just visited Sharon's blog and saw her posts about it and it looks very interesting.  I think we'll have fun tomorrow with the Christmas QAL.

Whenever Quiltmaker magazine has their 100 Blocks Blog Tour I participate, at least since Volume 2.  I was lucky this time around and won the Volume 5 issue when I visited Jennifer at Curlicue Creations  http://www.curlicuecreations.com

Jennifer also sent me one of her original patterns for picnic coasters  and they are so cute.  Can you see the little ant?

 Also in the package was the magnet of a quilt block.  Really cute.  Thank you, Jennifer.  I love both gifts.

Hope you can make it tomorrow.
God Bless.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Almost Didn't Make It

April came and went and I completely missed the seventh block in Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day  Treasure Chest Quilt.  I thought I was out of the game and posted on the  QIAD  facebook page boohooing about it, and two of their followers commented that I should still go ahead and make the block and enter it even if late.  So I did, and it was accepted.  I sewed in a fury on Tuesday, but it is an easy block to make, and for maybe the first time ever each piece matched up perfectly.  Sometimes Life is just plain good:)

The block is called Greek Cross.  I like that name. 
If you'd like to vote for my block, voting is open until May 10th.

So now I have a checklist.  I need to complete three things each month:  
Treasure Chest block
Festive Mystery qal
Free Motion Quilting Challenge
Another list; oh boy.

In my last post I shared the Quilt of Valor pictures I had taken at the MQX East. 
I could not settle on a quilt pattern for my quilt.  I was making a whole variety of stars in 12 inch blocks using patriotic fabric, but I it wasn't what I wanted for this quilt. Then about two weeks ago I received my Quilter's World June magazine and found the one I wanted to make.

So now I have another WIP and that is very satisfying.

Hope everyone is well and happy.
God Bless.