"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Caught Up, For Now

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas Day and continue to enjoy the Christmas season.  I was at my sister's lovely home and enjoyed my Polish heritage by eating pierogi which my brother made, golabki which my sister made, kielbasa, Polish ham,  babka, rye bread, horseradish and sharing of the oplatki before hand.  It was all delicious, and her granddaughters are so much fun.  Thanks, Ging.

Growing up we had the Polish Vigilia at my mother's mother's home (my Polish grandmother) and on Christmas Day went to my father's mother's home (my French Canadian grandmother).  Gorton (not the fish brand, but a pork pate) is still one of my favorite foods, although it's difficult to find now.  I'm a vegetarian the rest of the year but not at Christmas.  Shame on me.

Since then I have spent lots of time sewing to catch up on the Stash Busters QAL and the Ben Franklin QAL.  I was  seven blocks behind on the first and only one block behind on the second. 

And the Ben Franklin block called Strength in Union.

Lots of unstitching on the Stash Busters, which I think are out to bust me.  
Tomorrow Linda will give us another Stash Buster block and I hope to get it done.  

Enjoy you weekend.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Few Thank You's

I want to show off some of the pretty things I've won lately.
Most recently I was a double winner on Jacquelynne Steves' Holiday Hullabaloo Blog Hop.  Teresa of A Quilt and A Prayer and Jacque of Lilypad Quilting both picked my name; Thank you, Ladies. 
Pretty nice, huh?
The notecards are beautiful, as well as the fabric and patterns.

During the Blogathon Canada I won a group of batiks on Krista Quilts' blog.  Sew-Sisters Quilt Shop sponsored the blogathon and sent me this lovely batch of fat quarters and one yard as well.  That was a fun blog hop and a nice introduction to new blogs.  Thanks to Sew-Sisters and Krista.

I also won the 8th issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks and a fat quarter bundle of Sunny Side by Kate Spain for Moda fabric. I love the raindrop print; it's so cute and different from polka dots.
I've made many of the blocks that have appeared in this resource and no doubt will continue to do so.  Thank you Quiltmaker.
No need for Santa Claus here.  I have some new things to play with when things quiet down.
God Bless You.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December QAL - Post 2

Compliments to all of the quilters who have linked up at Sue's blog.  I love every project I've seen, and the variety is wonderful.  Seeing all of our Christmas work in December is putting me in a nice holiday mood.
Those are the backs of my polar bear quilts and the long side measures 15.5 or close to it.  No red or green.

I just came in from pushing around the slush that is the result of the snow storm from yesterday.  Hope everyone else is okay.  We are having a very unusual year weather wise in that the temps just keep fluctuating markedly over a few days.  It was bitter cold yesterday and today it is warm enough for rain. 

I am continuing to work on my Nativity panel project that I began in June or July.  I was using metallic thread for the quilting and had absolutely no problems with the red color, but when I switched to green, the thread kept breaking.  I used every needle size there is and played with the tension to no avail.  Then I visited Joann's to get plain old thread to finish this project and found that the Coats and Clark was half price so I bought a variety, including their metallic thread which is made differently.  Their metallic is twisted around a core of thread, whereas the other metallic I was using was a polyester strip type.  I've been using the Coats metallic and haven't had a problem with it, so I'm going to finish this quilt with the gold metallic only.  I'd love to have this project hanging for Christmas week. 

This is the finished Modern Christmas Tree Quilt hanging in the living room. 
God Bless You.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Christmas QAL - Post 1 or Got Cookies? Times 2

In the Christmas QAL world, today's the day we show our stuff.  If you are late to the party, we were given a challenge by Sue of Quilt Times to create a Christmas quilting project that did not use any red or green and did not measure more than 96 inches total circumference.  In order to be part of Sue's drawing for a prize you also needed to participate in our once a month qal's at least 3 times.  There were a loyal group of quilters this year and I made new online friends and discovered new blogs I enjoy reading.  So for me, because the journey is the whole point, I feel very satisfied.

My project is from Quiltmaker magazine's Nov/Dec 2012 issue and is designed by Sonja Callaghan, who named it You Got Cookies?  (FYI to our Canadian friends, Sonja designs out of Vancouver.)

I made two of these guys because I love them.
I will post of picture of the measurements of one of the panels in another post because I forgot to do that, but one is only 12.5" by 15.5".  I'll also show a picture of the backs.
I used yarn from my stash for the pompoms, buttons from my late mother's old stash and felt for the hat brims and noses.  
Back in June or July when I began the first bear, I had never tried paper piecing.  This was an easy project to begin that method and although I did have some tense moments (spell that GRRRRR) I made the second bear and another small project, and I love paper piecing.  

I'll show some other stuff later, but now I want to visit the other quilters and see their projects.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Postcard from Australia

Isn't this one super postcard?  Fiona sent it to me from Australia as part of the postcard exchange that Sheila organized.  She made it special for me by embroidering my initial.  It is so sweet and cheerful.  Thank you so much, Fiona.  If you go here http://www.bubzrugz.blogspot.com/2013/11/lovely-surprises.html you will see the card I sent to Fiona.  She makes lovely things so look through her posts and enjoy the sights.

When I was making my Autumn Leaves wall hanging http://www.needlethreadhappiness.blogspot.com/2013/10/autumn-leaves-wall-hanging.html  I mentioned the Northcott Fabric Circle http://www.northcottfabriccircle.com and the contest they run.  Well, Autumn Leaves won the  for October.  It was a random number drawing so it was luck not talent, but I was happy to win.   I want to acknowledge Jennifer of Northcott for her superb customer service.  Northcott is a Canadian based company.  They make the Stonehenge batiks, which I used for my project and which were a dream to sew with.  Lovely fabric.  
This is what Jennifer sent me, some Stonehenge and some Artisian Spirit Shimmer.  

I don't have anything that I have made to share with you yet.  I finished the Modern Christmas Tree Quilt with a red binding, but I'm waiting for Christa to finish her qal before I show it.  I'll hang it up the day after Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow and is the official beginning of the Holiday season.  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  
God Bless You.

Heat rises and so does Moxie:)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Quilting is Done

 What is on the back?  More tree's, of course.
 And a sweet cat looking for company.
I'm having a problem choosing binding fabric because the front trees are scrappy with lots of aqua blue and magenta, but the backing is green, white and red.  Maybe red would be the best choice.  

FYI:  Fabrics Galore is closing and is having a big sale.  You might be able to snag a bargain or two, if interested.

God Bless.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Christmas QAL - Post 3

I love the way this looks, but have to say that it took a bit of time.  Hopefully the next tree will go faster. 
That's it for me today as far as quilting goes.  Unless I get a surge of energy.  Right now it's feet up, tea at my side and a book.
Have a wonderful week.
Don't forget to thank a Veteran.
God Bless You.

November Chrstmas QAL - Post 2

It's Sunday morning, mild and overcast.  Yesterday was the first day I wore a winter jacket.  Up until then I was getting by with heavy sweaters and wraps. 
I quilted some of my trees in blue thread

and some in pink thread
and when I used white thread it was almost invisible

and I have some unstitching to do, as well as some thinking on how to proceed from here.  There is a lot of white to quilt and I'm waiting for the light bulb to go on.  Christa made her quilt using solid colors for her trees and matched the thread to each color.  She also has a swell plan for her quilting, which includes words.   Her quilting is beautiful.
So, I might be changing gears today.  We'll see what I come up with.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Christmas QAL - Post 1

We're over at Hazel's today.  I am still sipping my first cup of coffee and will kick into gear very soon.  Since I'm quilting my Modern Christmas Tree quilt today, I may not have much to show, but I am playing along just so you know.  If I get bored and need a break I'll check out what everyone else is up to and seek some inspiration.
We have Sue's Challenge to conquer, don't forget.  You know, the one with no green or red.  Challenge it certainly has been.  Finding Christmas fabric free of those colors is not easy, so creativity is needed. 
I'm beginning to sound like Yoda, so I'm going to finish my coffee and get going.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just Checking In

I feel as if my blog is feeling neglected so I will just show you what I've been up to.

My creative mess.  I can't believe I work in this disaster area.  Believe me, I tend to be a neat freak at the office.  

I was working on different projects and skipping back and forth, so I just left everything out.
One of these days I will again see the top of the dining room table.

My Modern Christmas Tree quilt top is finished.  Later tonight I plan to make the sandwich and then get quilting.  I made miniature trees and sewed them as cornerstones.

  I thought about putting in a flange between the border and the tree panel, but I forgot.  Yup, that's what happened.  I had sewn on two borders before I realized.  Now I don't think it would have worked well anyway.  But a flange is on my list to use one of these days.

I've been making postcards and can't show them yet.  

That's it.  This weekend is 
  at Hazel's
It's sure to be fun and with the holidays coming up very soon, we all should be in productive mode.

God Bless You. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Leaves Wall Hanging

I had hopes of completing this Blowin' in the Wind project, the sandwich for the Modern Christmas Tree QAL and two blocks for the Stash Busters QAL all this weekend, but I spent most of yesterday ripping stitches from  the border quilting on this quilt. Finally, today it's done.  Except, I didn't applique the tree branches that should on the left.

This is the version that Chris Malone designed for Quilter's World.

It's not too late to add but I like my version as is. 
I quilted leaves throughout.
I've decided to enter this wall hanging in the Bloggers Quilt Festival
I've taken a peek at some of the entries and am amazed by the gorgeous quilts.  It's a fabulous show.  
FMQ is like writing by moving the paper instead of the pen.  It must be good for my brain.  Hand quilting makes so much more sense.
God Bless You. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baby Lock Melody

189 built in stitches, including 3 alphabet styles, great warranties, hands free presser foot lift, lots of accessories included and it's a Baby Lock.  If this were my machine, I would be so happy.  It would be just plain fun to use.  Of course I want one.
Check out the entries at Amy's Creative Side .

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What's On My Design Wall

I've always wanted to say that.   However,  I did not design this wall hanging.  It is called Blowin' in the Wind designed by Chris Malone, and is in the August 2012 issue of Quilter's World.

I added one extra row.  Most of the fabric is Stonehenge or other Northcott fabric, except for three of the leaves, which are some other company's batik.

In case you are not aware, Northcott has a site called Fabric Circle which you can join.  Each quarter they have a drawing for a fat quarter pack for those who have posted a picture of something they have made using Northcott fabric.  http://www.northcottfabriccircle.com

I have never sewn with Stonehenge batik, but have to say it is lovely to sew with.  I love it.

One more thing.

God Bless You.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Christmas QAL Post 6

Thanks to all of you who were able to join in the Quilt Along this month.  Next month Hazel of Hazel's Quilts takes over one more time, and then in December the originator of this wonderful QAL, Sue of Quilt Times, hosts the big reveal when we show off our finished projects. 

Have a wonderful October.  I took a walk this morning to kick some leaves and indulge my senses with the beauty of the colors and smells of autumn.  I'm definitely a cool weather person so I'm loving this time of year.

Thanks again for joining in. 
Enjoy your quilting time.

God Bless You.

October Christmas QAL - Post 5

This is my last hosting gig this year, so how about a Christmas carol.  I thought I was getting Brenda Lee singing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, but instead I have Jose Feliciano singing Feliz Navidad, one of the honest to goodness toe tapping, happy songs of the holiday.

Hope you like it, too.

October Christmas QAL - Post 4

It's a gorgeous Sunday here in New England, cool, crisp and sunny.  Hope it lasts.  I'm unsure of what I'll be working on today, but I could begin to quilt the Plaid Nativity Quilt. 

In a bit I have to run out to pick up 30 dozen of party pastries for a church event this morning, and I'm hoping that will be enough.  That's 360 little sweets and they are the dessert.  If nobody shows up it will be too much; if lots of people show up it won't be enough.  Oy!  Maybe they'll fill up on the chorizo and peppers, beans and other stuff.

If you want to see something cute to make for the holidays check out Melanie's BonBon project at The Patchwork Robin.  Very cute.

Our Canadian friends are cooking and eating today, so I hope they are having a wonderful time.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Christmas QAL - Post 3

I'm the hostess without the mostess.  I should have mentioned the linky tool on the Christmas QAL page (top of the blog) as well as the Christmas Challenge information that is posted there.  If you are a new reader, that is the place you should go to first.  If you're participating with the QAL, please sign in.  Thanks a bunch.

 I just sewed together my trees for the Modern Christmas Tree QAL hosted by Christa's Quilts.  http://christaquiltsblog.com/2013/10/09/christas-quilt-along-7-2-assembling-your-modern-trees-quilt-top/  I decided to use the tree layout because I don't have anything like that.  It went together in just a few hours today so I'm up to date on this qal.

October Christmas QAL - Post 2

I received this gorgeous postcard from Annette at In Stitches and Seams http://www.institchesandseams.blogspot.com/

Isn't it super?  It makes a nice decoration for this time of year.  Thank you to Annette for the postcard and to Sheila for organizing the exchange.

I have been working on this little purse this morning.
Beverly of Flamingo Toes posted this tutorial and when I saw it I wanted to try making one.  http://www.flamingotoes.com/2013/09/teeny-tiny-embroidered-key-chain-coin-purses/  I purchased my frames from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Metal-Frames-Clasp-Pattern-Silver/dp/B00CCF6ZA0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381588177&sr=8-1&keywords=purse+frames  and I think they are a bit bigger than Bev's but otherwise it's the same.  I quilted my case instead of embroidering.
 What that did was take in the fabric a bit so I was a bit short on the top.
So my next try I'll enlarge the pattern.  I didn't use any glue, just thick embroidering floss to sew the case to the frame. 
Once I perfect my technique I think these would make cute small gifts.