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Friday, April 7, 2017

Some Blocks to Share

I did not do well stitching this weeks Block Head block.  Some of the pieces were 1.25" square and there were lots of pieces.  I ripped out too many stitches and that just gets boring.
This is last week's block, a bee skep.  I do like the way this one looks.  Some of the participants sewed little bees on their blocks and added other details.  It is a sweet block.

I haven't made this week's Solstice block, but I should get it done tomorrow.
These two are the last blocks we had to make.  The pinwheel is 20", the Honey Bee is 12.5".  The setting is going to be very interesting with all the sizes we've got so far.

The Hands2Help quilt is quilted and the binding is machine sewn on, it just needs to be turned and hand sewn. I did a very easy bubble type of quilting that gives a nice texture.  There are lots of threads to be buried, but that's nothing. The plan is to get this completed this weekend.

I'm ready to tackle another project.  This tulip wall hanging on the Fabri-Quilt site is cute.  Can I squeeze it in this weekend, too?  As long as I don't have to rip out a million stitches.

Enjoy your weekends.
God Bless! 


Dolores said...

Nice blocks. I look forward to seeing the whole quilt once it's done. Your quilt finish must feel good. It's always good to complete a quilt. Enjoy the weekend.

Susan Smith said...

It should be interesting to see what the odd size blocks will become.
Well done with the charity quilt & I enjoy handsewing the binding too, as you can sit back & realise that you did get there in the end. Have a good weekend & take care.

Karen said...

I like your bee skep block. Haven't made mine just yet and have seen several done that I like.

Barb said...

LOVEEEEE your blocks!!

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

I, too, hate to rip out stitches. I end up feeling like I made the block three times over. LOL I find the whole thing frustrating! Your quilt top is beautiful. Love the spring colours.

Sheila said...

Great blocks , I never did get around to last week's block , too much on my plate, maybe today now that this week's block is out. Your solstice quilt is going to be lovely. Great finish in the quilt .