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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Carole of Novalee02 http://www.novalee02.over-blog.com/ has an Easter 2011 cross stitch sal that I have joined.  She had a deadline for joining, and I just made it.  In this sal the participant needs to make the first pattern and send in a picture of it before the next pattern is sent to them.  That keeps us honest and makes me keep up with the sal.  I worked on this until late last night in order to keep up.  It was pleasant to get back into cross stitch.  This is my step 1.

I also have my 48 basket blocks made.  Because I used the tan fabric for each basket I feel the blocks shouldn't be butted to each other en mass.  If I do that the baskets take over and the pastel fabric becomes secondary.  Well, I just last week received my first issue of Quilt magazine, a Christmas present from my sister, and this pattern is in it.

The quiltmaker is Laura Blanchard.  This is the design I'm going to adapt to my blocks. 
This issue of Quilt just happens to have many patterns that please me so I'll be going back to it for other ideas, like the cover quilt for one.

Today is gorgeous here, and I was outside with Moxie just to see what's up in the yard.  Before I knew it I was involved in the garden.  That's going to be happening alot soon, and I hope I can keep up with my various projects.

Have a gorgeous day, no matter what your weather.
God Bless You.


Stray Stitches said...

Your little Easter cross stitch is adorable! I look forward to seeing your creation with the baskets you have made. There are a lot of great patterns in this months edition of Quilts. Enjoy your nice weather.

QuiltSue said...

Your Easter chicks are really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this sal.

The mag looks good too and I love the basket quilt you showed in it.