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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not a Tree Afterall

My guess for the design of the Christmas Mystery Quilt along at Erik Homemade Ezine was wrong.  I guessed a tree, but it's a wreath.  That is a complete surprise but it's very cute.
There are still more instructions to come, but I know what I'm making now.  There's a red bow in the upper left that's very sweet, and the dark fabric is green.  I'm becoming one of those people who have Christmas going year round what with this mystery quilt still going and Sue and Cathi's Saturday sew alongs each month. 

I am up to 35 basket blocks.  Still more work to do on that.

In New England the calendar doesn't dictate the weather.  We've had blizzards and nor'easters in April, and a few snowy Easter Sundays that I can remember.  But the flowers are ready to pop.  The crocuses aren't afraid of a little snow, should it show up.

God Bless You.


Hazel said...

That wreath quilt is lovely! And well done on the blocks - you're well on your way with those - I can't wait to see how you decide to arrange them.

You needn't tell us here in the UK about 'unseasonal' weather! We had a discussion n the pub about it the other night, and one of the guys reminded me that some years ago we had a snow shower in June, although we'd normally like to think of the last of the real winter weather being done by the end of March, and the last frosts here in the Midlands in early May.

Your crocus' are very cheery - will you put a pic up when the flowers are in bloom?

Stray Stitches said...

Love the wreath! Spring is popping out all over here in Calif but we are on a roller coaster of temps with highs around 70 tomorrow and then back into the 50's come Monday.