"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer, The Quilt

Julie of the The Crafty Quilter created this fun and smart quilt as a qal with tips and advice, and I joined in.  I couldn't pass up this design; I love butterflies, sunflowers, gentle waves and beach balls.  And stars, as well.  Julie must love them too because they are all in this quilt.  

Today is link up day, and I just finished my top.  Did I say that the qal was a teaching/learning along?  I learned again, for the millionth time, to read the directions carefully.  I made my beach balls and pinwheels 4.5" instead of 4.25" and wondered what happened until I went back and read again the directions.  

Check out the link up quilts; there are a few but so beautiful.  Someone did "Aloha" instead of Summer and it seems to be a nice way of making it her quilt.

Thank you, Julie.  I'm glad I joined in.  

Is there anyone out there enjoying this heat wave?  
Not me.
I'll be gazing at the waves in my quilt and cooling down with the thought of them.

God Bless!

Friday, May 18, 2018


More of the same.  This is for the final linkup of Hands 2 Help.  Thanks, Sarah.  My quilts have gone to the Happy Chemo charity.  

That's it.  Busy weekend ahead with no time for sewing unfortunately.  

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hands2Help Quilts and I Missed You!

Hello Everyone,
I missed you very much and regret that I did not keep up with all of your happenings for the past almost a whole year.  I went through a big change in moving from the home where I spent most of my life so far to a little home in the suburbs.  I love my new home.  Things are still chaotic in some ways in that now that the weather is getting nice I am trying to put my stamp on the yard and gardens.  It's fun but tons of work.  I'm sure many of you can identify with this and the stress that goes along with it.   I haven't done much quilting except for what I am sharing today, and these two quilts are for Hands 2 Help, the event Sarah Craig at Confessions of a Fabric Addict runs each year.  I've participated for a few years now and couldn't see missing it this year.  The feminine quilt top was already sewn up and only needed the hard part done, that is batting, backing, quilting, binding, etc.  I love doing the binding, so that really isn't so difficult.

 This is the feminine quilt that is made with Bunny Hill fabric and was photographed on my new front porch. I did not make the pillow; it's a Walmart special but it's sweet because it says "Faith" on it.  I've had to have a lot of that lately.

This is the masculine quilt.  Sarah shared this design, and I liked the pattern because it's all scraps.  It is very simple and fun to make because anything goes; the background color ties it all together.  

These are probably going to the Happy Chemo organization, as long as they meet the size requirements.  

I will be reading many blogs to catch up with you.
Take care and God Bless You.

(I plan on posting again soon; my sewing machine misses me too much:)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Many Blocks and a Little Dress

Interlocking Ohio Star

Flying Churn Dash


Interlocking Pinwheels

These blocks are for the Piecing the Past Civil War Rest and Refreshing qal.  We're over half way into it, and it's one of my favorites.

Piecing the Past also has a summer qal, Summer Picnic, and these are the two blocks so far for that one.  I love all of these traditional blocks, and they are very relaxing for me to make.
Spinning Star and Churn Dash

Now we come to the Moda Blockheads qal.  These are 6.5" blocks and I have a harder time with the smaller piecing.  I think it will be a charming quilt with the variety of blocks.  There are about 6 designers contributing blocks so there's something different every week.
Jan Patek is one of the designers and she gives us applique blocks.

Trail of Tears
This block reminds us of a very tragic part of our history.

T Block
It was interesting to learn that the T is for Temperance

Square Within a Square

 In my last post I showed you an outfit I made for Seana's American Girl doll.  Her mom asked if I could make a matching sundress for Seana, and of course, I could.
I have a pic of both in their dresses, but am not sure if I can show it.  If I can, I'll post it next time.  Really cute.

Happy 4th of July!
God Bless America and you!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Long Due Post

I'm enjoying making the blocks for the Civil War sampler quilt, Rest and Refreshing, that Piecing the Past is offering.  These are my blocks so far.  The top left block is my second attempt and this one came out perfect.  We were told the blocks would get successively difficult, and I'm finding that's true.  What I appreciate and like about Piecing the Past's qal is that upfront you have the option of downloading some info on how to have a good outcome when making the blocks.  I've signed up for their Summer Picnic qal which will begin in a few weeks.  

 These are the Moda Block Head blocks that I've made  I skipped two blocks.  One because after 2 attempts it still had margin quarter inch issues and one because I didn't like the block. I love the applique blocks which surprises me because I usually prefer piecing.  The green basket in the second row came out super; I used the dryer sheet lining method which works well for me then hand sewed it to the background.  I can't do needle turn; the red basket was that attempt and it's pretty wonky.
 Because I skipped 2 blocks, I made these alternates.  The two left blocks were given by the Moda designer.  The top right I found online and the bottom right is one of the designer's mistakes that I liked.  I've never made a bow tie block before but I love it.  Like the log cabin it has versatility.  Many of the traditional blocks are like that., I find.

I made a doll outfit for my sister's youngest grand.  She's 5 and has asked me to make her wedding gown. I said yes, of course, but I'll be in my eighties if the big day happens in 20 years or so.  If I'm still kicking then I hope I can still see to find my sewing machine.  Isn't that too cute!

My girl Moxie is getting older and feistier.  

Have a wonderful week ahead. 
God Bless.